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My daughter Dorothy turned 20 today. We got her her 1st telescope to help guide her through the next 8 years of astronomy science and one day maybe a Dr in front her name. So proud. #astronomy #science #mygirl @EvilTed40 @RavioliRobott #astrophysics

Smoking was my lover for 32 years we only parted when I was pregnant/breastfeeding then I would always go back The only reliable thing in a life so fluid I’ll miss you more than you know But I never go back to ex’s Today is 30 days 30 days without a cigarette #quitsmoking #30days

I know I’m not on social media much, but I am honored to be in this show. Enjoy xx. LE #sloanfineart Online Exhibition - http://sloanfineart.com/2020-our-vision-our-voices/

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