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Matching Raven tattoos with one of my closest and dearest friends in the whole wide world. Based on my mural in DTLA Andrea I love you. #raven #friendship

Self portrait. Oil.
I have always tried to explain to people what it’s like to have PTSD. Art has forever been my descriptor. Bunnies are so soft and sweet, but, I always say don’t scare the bunny. So this is me. #ptsdbunny #ptsd #bunny

This is how I paint with multiple sclerosis. Portrait of Frank, my partner against this disease. He is my champion and my hero. Love you brother. #ms #multiplesclerosis #thisisms

Sylvia and I are moving to Scotland and are going to raise goats. It will be like Green Acres meets Lady and the Tramp. I’m the tramp. Me. @SylviaSlays

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